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Most common questions about subscriptions.

Heard is free to download and use, you can listen to our library of audiobooks and shows with adverts – or you can upgrade to Heard Premium to listen ad-free as well as have access to even more exclusive content.

You will lose your premium subscription and it will revert back to ad-supported listening with a main free catalogue of audiobooks and shows.

Heard Premium costs £4.99/month. 

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account settings. 

Heard Premium includes:

  • No Adverts 
  • Offline Mode – Listen anywhere no matter what
  • More exclusive content only found on Heard.


Most common questions about the app.

All products are available for individual purchase to own and listen as much as you want to. 

You control how you listen. Choose whether to stream your shows on wi-fi, data or both. You can also have the option to download content when you are subscribed to Heard Premium.

With out sleep timer feature, you can set a timer to anything you are listening to so that the app closes after that duration. Choose how long and then the app saves where you finished so it it ready to resume when you next want it. 

With a Heard Premium subscription, you can download any shows to your library. You can control your data usage by choosing to download with wi-fi only too. 

Heard automatically saves where you stopped listening, so you can resume playing from where you left off. You can go through your entire library and jump straight back into the action anytime. 

Your Library is where you can see and manage all of your content. Access your saved, bookmarked and downloaded shows, alongside any books you brought from the shop. You can edit and organise anything in your library so you store the shows that you want to access.


Most common questions about accounts.

You can change your password anytime in your account settings.

We ask for your date of birth to cater our content to you. Some of our content may be considered as 18+ and therefore want to ensure this is being shown to the right audience. 

Yes, you can deactivate your account at any time. You can find this in the app account settings.