Audience Engagement

Heard Digital has a thorough pr and marketing plan which will be inacted on public launch. 

We will be working with users and audiences to provide them with what they actually want to hear on HEARD.

While most media streamers just create or license in what content they think users want, we will actually ask them!

For audio commissioned by HEARD for the advert supported content we will engage with users, offering them pools on potential new content, giving them a chance to influence what we create, and what they get to listen to. We want users to engage and steer us in a general direction, from a list of choices and order we offer them. As much as its practical we want the audio on HEARD to be what people want and have asked for, not what we just think or decide they want.

We will have team members out there on social media, forums and more engaging with potential users as well as existing one, to encourage participation, use and engagement in general. While we will use paid advertising we will use our experience of user engagement. Nothing beats conversation, listening and responding to users.

We will be lead by the people that matter our listeners, not social trends.

We will be giving users what they ask for, not what we think they want